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Post  Spula94 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:29 am

Name. Spula

Age. 15 (15.12.2010=16)

Time Zone.
Vienna (austria)

Contact Information:

About how long are you on the realm each day?
2-6 hours Aday. and on weekends (allday and night)...on Forum about 1 hour aday

What interests you the most about becoming a GM?
I like to help alot =) and i wouldnt mind giveing it ago again.

Have you ever been a GM on another server?
-If so, where and how long? been a GM for 2 diffreant server's (my brothers) and anouther (forgot the name) and i was one for about a year
-If you have been a GM before, do you have any proof? Didnt Have any SS's of my GM's =(
-C. If you have been a GM before, why are you not one now? Becuse i left the force from the outher 2 server's.

What are your best qualities?
Im very Friendly =) i love to help and i'm not to rude or selfish. and i allso love to joke around.
but sometimes i take it persionly

- A player is having problems with their spells, what questions and steps would you take to help them get this solved?
i would ask them. What Spell isent working right. onces they have told me i would tell them to log out and Clear there Cache and if the
problem is still going on i will tell them to Try and Repair there Wow.exe with the Repair tool in there wow folder.
and if its still going on i would tell them to contact the admin or HGM

Thx,bye,see ya =)


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